Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Coffee Clatch

Revelle Taillon has created the marvelous caricatures that she posts on her Coffee Clatch blog. I got a real kick out of these posts and thought I would share. Please feel free to go see her work by clicking on the link.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Art Show & Blogapathy

I know it seems like I have been suffering from blogapathy, but in reality, I have just been busy dealing with life.

The Westmount Branch Library called in late March and asked if I could have a show up for April because the person they had scheduled canceled out on them. Luckily I had enough work hanging around the house to make up a small show. There were three new pieces since the November show at Williams Coffee Pub (all the other work I did since then were commissioned pieces that were shipped to the clients). I am scheduled for a show at the library in September. I should have more pieces by then.

We had the reception for the show on April 11th, 2009 which happened to be Easter Weekend. It was not the best weekend to have a reception as most of my friends and family were out of town or busy with family events. It was not a great weekend for library patrons either. However, we did have a few people show up and I met a few very interesting people. Despite the low turn out, I did sell three pieces, so far, and I also sold some cards and prints.

Alexander played bass guitar for me, using a loop station. All his band mates were also busy that weekend.

We have been dealing with health issues in my family and that is the main reason I have not been posting. However, things are looking better and I should start posting regularly again.