Tuesday, July 31, 2012

TSP2013 - Wake Up Anthony

Anthony Sleeping - Watercolour with Ink by Ant Tirolese ©2012
My Anthony Sleeping
Watercolour with Pen and Ink
The Sketchbook Project Logo, Property of Art House Co-Op: http://tinyurl.com/czsa4vqI laid down the watercolour first then went over it with pen.

Anthony often gets up before I have to wake him. However, if he is not up I will gently wake him up so he can get ready for work. Anthony works outside the home so he needs to get up to go to work.

His morning routine usually consists of a shower and possibly a shave. He takes his medication and insulin then eats his breakfast while reading the news on the computer. He chats with the birds for a few minutes. Anthony then comes back to the bedroom and plays the guitar for a tune or two. If Alexander is here and awake Anthony will chat with him too.

One more quick chat with the birds, and he leaves for work.

I love drawing and painting Anthony. I have been doing it off and on for about 30 years! He is one of my favourite subjects to portray.

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Monday, July 30, 2012

TSP2013 - Time to Get Up

iPod Touch being used as an alarm clock. Pen and Ink with Watercolour by Ana Tirolese ©2013
It's Time to Get Up
Pen and Ink and Watercolour
The Sketchbook Project Logo, Property of Art House Co-Op: http://tinyurl.com/czsa4vqMy alarm goes off at 6:00 am on weekdays. I usually hit the snooze button and it does not go off again until   6:15 am. I get up at 6:15 if I need to take my husband to work so I get the vehicle for the day, or if I need to do last minute lunch preparation for him. Otherwise, I stay in bed until 7:00 am.

I drew my iPod Touch for this image. I actually use my iPhone more often than not as the alarm clock so that I can charge it overnight. I put the iTouch in its place so I have a clock during the day in the bedroom (and so that it charges too). I like using my iPhone and iTouch as an alarm clock because even if the power goes off in the middle of the night, it still is charged enough to get us up on time in the morning. The alarm clock app I use is very versatile and permits multiple alarm settings, as well as snooze settings. I have my snooze setting set for 15 minute increments during the week.

This day I was up at 6:15 am because I had a full day planned and needed the extra 45 minutes getting up at this time afforded me.

You may also view my uploads on my Art House Co-op profile for The Sketchbook Project 2013.

Friday, July 27, 2012

TSP2013 - Title Page

Sketchbook Project 2013 - Cover Page by Ana Tirolese ©2012 Pen and Ink with Watercolour
Title Page
Pen and Ink with Watercolour
The Sketchbook Project Logo, Property of Art House Co-Op: http://tinyurl.com/czsa4vqI am calling the documentation of a typical day in my life "A Slice of (my) Life". It is not particularly original, nor does this page have a "Wow" factor. However, I needed to call it something, and I am not known for coming up with great names (ask my son about all the band name ideas I have come up for his bands. Eeek!)

By creating this page I was able to get rid of the fear of starting. I always fear starting a new sketchbook, or drawing, for fear of messing it up. Now that I have made the first marks in this book, I can continue.

The tone I am trying to convey is of a peaceful existence and a simple life. My life is rather mundane and ordinary. It may not be as exciting as some other artists' lives, but it is my life and I am content with it.

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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Our Heart-Bird Oscar

Oscar, Our Heart-Bird Watercolour with Pen by Ana Tirolese ©2012
Oscar, Our Heart-Bird
Watercolour with Pen
Our dear heart-bird, Oscar, passed away suddenly on March 25, 2012. It was heart breaking for all of us, especially for my husband, Anthony. Anthony and Oscar were best buds. I have illustrated both of them in my sketchbooks.

  1. EDM 125 - Draw a Bird
  2. Anthony's 55th Birthday
Those two were inseparable!

Today, my friend, Laura, lost her heart-dog, Katie to old age and illness. I was speaking to hear and it was breaking my heart to hear the pain in her voice. I could certainly empathize with what she was feeling. It is so difficult to lose a beloved member of the family. 

While speaking with Laura I was remembering Oscar so I drew up this stylized/abstract portrait of him. This portrait is 5.875" x 3.75". It is on watercolour paper and is a postcard. I used my new Bienfang watercolour brush pen set. The colours are quite opaque and bright.

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Sketchbook Project 2013

Sketchbook Project 2013 Mail Out - Photo by Ana Tirolese ©2012, Taken with iPhone
Sketchbook Project 2013 Packet
Photo by Ana Tirolese, taken with iPhone

The Sketchbook Project Logo, Property of Art House Co-Op: http://tinyurl.com/czsa4vq
It's time again for The Sketchbook Project 2013!  I had so much fun with last year's project that, once again, I have chosen to be part of this project.

My packet came in the mail a couple of days ago. It came with a custom crafted sketchbook that is 5"w x 7"h.  It has 32 pages of 70lb white text stock and chipboard cover. Included was a pencil made from reclaimed denim, a sketchbook sleeping bag, and a small instruction booklet.

Last year I chose to follow some of the Every Day Matters Challenges as my theme. This year I have chosen to document a typical day in my life. It will be created over several weeks, but will basically follow a typical day from getting up to going to bed. Hopefully I will not make it look as mundane as it sounds.

I am currently thinking that I will do line drawings in pen and ink and colour them with watercolour as I go. This may change as I create the pages. However, as of right this minute, this is my plan. The reclaimed denim pencil, as cool and environmentally friendly as it is, is very difficult to sharpen, so I will not likely be using it in this project.

Please follow this blog to see this project as it develops.

Pencil Casing Made from Reclaimed Denim - Photo by Ana Tirolese ©2012, taken with iPhone
Pencil Casing Made from Reclaimed Denim
Photo by Ana Tirolese, taken with iPhone
You may also view my uploads on my Art House Co-op profile for The Sketchbook Project 2013.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Hot Coffee 03

Hot Coffee 03 - Digital Image by Ana Tirolese ©2012
Hot Coffee 03 - Digital Image
Third and final piece in the Hot Coffee Digital Series.

You may purchase merchandise with the Coffee Series images on my Zazzle online store and prints of the images in my Fine Art America Site.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Hot Coffee 01

Hot Coffee 01 © Ana Tirolese 2012 - Digital Art. 1st in a series of coffee related art - http://1-ana-tirolese.artistwebsites.com/featured/hot-coffee-01-ana-tirolese.html
Hot Coffee 01
10" x 10" Digital Art
I have an idea of doing a small series of coffee-related art. This digital art piece is the first in that series.

Coffee is something I enjoy, especially with friends. The idea for this series came to me quite some time ago as I was sketching yet another cup of coffee in one of my sketchbooks. It has been sitting in the back of my brain for a few years. I thought it was time to bring it to the forefront.

I hope you enjoy these as much as I enjoy creating them.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

My New Zazzle-icous iPhone Cover!

iPhone cover. Art by Ana Tirolese. Cover by Case-Mate through Zazzle's POD site. http://www.zazzle.com/Dollinha*
My new iPhone cover with the cartoon I drew of me singing.
Photo by A. Tirolese, taken with his cell phone.
The iPhone 3G cover from Zazzle with the image of the "I Love to Sing" cartoon that I created in June has arrived. It is even better than I expected!!!

I got the one with the black rubber inner liner because I am a bit of a klutz.