Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Our Heart-Bird Oscar

Oscar, Our Heart-Bird Watercolour with Pen by Ana Tirolese ©2012
Oscar, Our Heart-Bird
Watercolour with Pen
Our dear heart-bird, Oscar, passed away suddenly on March 25, 2012. It was heart breaking for all of us, especially for my husband, Anthony. Anthony and Oscar were best buds. I have illustrated both of them in my sketchbooks.

  1. EDM 125 - Draw a Bird
  2. Anthony's 55th Birthday
Those two were inseparable!

Today, my friend, Laura, lost her heart-dog, Katie to old age and illness. I was speaking to hear and it was breaking my heart to hear the pain in her voice. I could certainly empathize with what she was feeling. It is so difficult to lose a beloved member of the family. 

While speaking with Laura I was remembering Oscar so I drew up this stylized/abstract portrait of him. This portrait is 5.875" x 3.75". It is on watercolour paper and is a postcard. I used my new Bienfang watercolour brush pen set. The colours are quite opaque and bright.

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