Saturday, September 27, 2008

Jay Unger and Molly Mason plus Family

We have been fans of Jay and Molly for many years. Our son found a copy of the music to Lovers Waltz in a Strings magazine several years ago. He was just little then and playing violin. He decided to learn the piece and it was beautiful. In the magazine was just the bare bones of the piece so we ordered a full score from Jay and Molly's website. Our son learned the piece, and with his dad accompanying him, he played it for his Montessori school. It really was beautiful.

When we heard that Jay Unger and Molly Mason were going to be in Port Dover we just had to attend. On Friday Anthony, Our son and I went to Port Dover, Ontario's beautiful Lighthouse Festival Theatre to catch a Jay Unger and Molly Mason in concert.

We had front row seats and were in for a real treat. The performance was fantastic. Not only were Jay and Molly there, but Jay's daughter, Ruthy Unger Merenda, and her husband, Mike Merenda were there too. It was a real family event. Ruthy and Mike are also very talented (we will be picking up their new CD online in the next few days).

The music was absolutely amazing! We were grinning like fools through the whole thing, it was so good. And, we had the pleasure of meeting them all after the performance. What delightful and pleasant people! Poor Our son as so excited at meeting one of his violin heros that he was tongue-tied when talking to Jay! (We all know that is a rare thing for Our son!)

Mike and Ruthy had their 8 month old son, William, with them. What a cutie! He is really adorable. I bet he will continue in the family business as a third generation musician.

All-in-all, we had a great time, despite never having been in Port Dover before and having a heck of a time reading the directions to get back home that I printed off Google Maps. We got stopped for a spot check with the RIDE program and the nice OPP officer gave us better directions to getting back to London than I had picked up off Google Maps. We were so thankful.

We hope we can get Jay and Molly to come to London some time in the near future. It would be great of Ruthy and Mike could come too.

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