Saturday, December 13, 2008

ArtScape Magazine

I just found out that there is a small profile on me in the current issue of ArtScape Magazine. ArtScape Magazine is a local arts magazine that lets people know what is going on around town and in the local area arts-wise.

If looking at the PDF of the current issue of the magazine, you will find the article on page 8. I would like to thank my friend, Linda Zimmerman, for making a jpg of the article for us.

I was aware that this article would eventually be printed, however, I did not realize it was intended for the December 2008 issue. If an old friend (that I have not heard from in 20 years) had not phoned me to say she saw the article and would like me to do a small portrait of her, I would not have known. Normally, I pick up an issue each month, but this month I have not left the house/studio much, and therefore, had not yet picked up a copy of ArtScape Magazine. I will have to make a point of getting my hands on a few actual hard copies to put away.

The latter part of 2008 has been good to me as an artist. I am not certain what the difference is, but suddenly people are hearing about my work. I feel honoured that people enjoy my work.

Now I must rush back to my drawing board. I am hoping to have a portrait completed by Tuesday.

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