Friday, January 13, 2012

First Post of the Year 2012

This is my second attempt at the first post of the year. My first attempt was lost to a power outage and slothful saving implementations. After well over a decade of working on computers, I really should know better than not to save my work.

I am not one for making new year resolutions, but this year I decided to try my hand at a few. After some reflection I have decided to start with just a handful of resolutions. I am not making a lot of resolutions, but here are some I believe I can keep:

  • lose 125 pounds (not all at once, and not necessarily in one year)
  • draw more
  • work on creative endeavors
  • keep a tighter reign on our finances
  • get my home in order
Here are the steps I have taken so far to help me keep these resolutions:

  • Joined Weight Watchers online. They have the best reputation of all weight loss programs. They have a cool online program, and iPhone/iPod app. They have been around longer than any other program and have had great success rates. Also, Roy and Kathy in Working Daze comics (by John Zakour and Scott Roberts) are also doing the Weight Watchers program. If it is good enough cartoon characters, it is good enough for me. 
  • I am drawing more in my sketchbook. I hope to draw everyday, either in my sketchbook or otherwise. If I am not working on a piece I will draw in my sketchbook. I must pick up a pencil/pen daily. You can see my sketchbook offerings on my sketchbook blog.
  • The creative endeavors can be anything creative. It can be drawing, painting, building something, writing, reading, viewing something to do with creativity, or listening to music. It can one or more from that list at the same time! Drawing in my sketchbook counts towards creative endeavors, however, it is only one way of creative expression. This resolution can be totally separate from drawing. Writing blog posts can also count.
  • Our finances have been up and down over the years.  I have downloaded Finance4One to help me keep track of where our money is going. This is different than an accounting program like Quicken or Quickbooks. It is a very simple to use program that can help me get a quick overview of our current overall financial status. I will build a new budget from this, and go from there. 
  • I will ramp up my daily routines and keep better track of them using the HomeRoutines app. I will continue to follow FlyLady and will continue to remove clutter from my home. The more clutter that is gone from my surrounding the less cluttered my mind/existence will be. This will ultimately lead to more peace in my life. 
I will be 50 years-old in February and I think it is time that I grow up and take control of my own life. I have worked on the above things off and on over the years. I will stop paying lip-service to self improvement and actually start working, earnestly, on self improvement. The steps I have, so far, implemented are a good and strong start to the new year. Let's see how this year progresses.

Wish me luck!

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