Monday, February 20, 2012

Sisters WIP 1

Work in Progress of Sisters image
Work in Progress

This is what is currently on my drawing board. This commissioned piece is well overdue. Shortly after getting this commission I fractured a finger on my drawing hand. I had this portrait partly completed but then we moved and my art supplies were boxed up and were put in a place that was not easily accessible.

I have decided to start this portrait over and am making it larger for my client. The original drawing was 5"x7" and this on 8" x 10" on black paper.

This portrait should be completed in a week or so.

I have this portrait and one more commissioned piece that are overdue due to the broken finger and the move. However, once both of these are completed I will be available to take on commissions again, and once again, have them done in a timely manner.

The girls are adorable and I am looking forward to finishing this lovely piece.

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