Monday, June 3, 2013

Self Portrait without Glasses

I am taking a MOOC through Coursera on art concepts and techniques. I thought I was due a refresher. This self portrait was created for the course.

Self Portrait without Glasses by Ana Tirolese. Acrylic on Canvas Board. Copyright 2013, all rights reserved.
Self Portrait without Glasses
Acrylics on Canvas Board
13" x 7"
This painting is completely out of character/style for me. It is an abstracted self portrait in acrylics. I did not try to refine any of the shapes nor did I try to make it overly realistic/photorealistic, as is my usual style. I want to broaden my artistic mind. I have used my favourite colours in the background and in my top. I am looking stern or depressed but this is how I look when I don't smile for the camera. Not much can be done about genetics. I always think of myself as yellow-ochre in colour, even though I have light olive-toned skin in reality. I only used a little yellow-ochre in this painting.

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My husband hates this painting. He hates that I made myself ugly in it. He can't see beyond the subject matter. The painting is not a very attractive rendition of me, but it does look like me. It is stark, raw, and a bit sloppy and rushed. It is not an accurate, photo-realistic portrait, but is it good art?  What is your opinion?

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