Saturday, November 22, 2008

Portrait of Darrell

Completed portrait of Darrell, Yvonne's father
8" x 10"
Coloured Pencil on 90lb Stonehenge White Paper

Original reference photo of Darrell

This is the latest commission I have been working on. It was from a pretty small reference photo that was a bit blurry. However, all in all, I am quite pleased with the end result. The scan of the portrait does not do the colours justice. Despite tweaking and tweaking the colours in my photo management application, I was unable to get the colours to truly represent the real life coloured pencil portrait.

I will be shipping this portrait early next week. It is going to British Columbia too. With luck and a prayer, we will not have the courier fiasco of the last one.

Soon, it will be time to take down the art from the show at Williams. It has been a successful show. I have sold 5 pieces off the wall!


  1. I know how difficult it is to get a likeness from a small photo! Youve done a good job with this one. - Greg

  2. I enjoy your work. And with apologies have tagged you. At the same time, I'm letting you off the hook--that's to say, don't feel compelled to play, though if you decide to, the scoop is on my blog.

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    Very cute all these pictures... Great…….

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