Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Portrait of Yvonne Aleck

This portrait was a birthday commission by a dear friend of mine (Robert Westbrook) for his dear friend, Yvonne. Her birthday was November 7th. I could not post anything earlier than that because this portrait was a birthday surprise. You can view the work in progress below.

Yvonne Aleck - Work In Progress

It is 11" x 14", coloured pencil, on 90lb white acid free Stonehenge art paper. I did manage to get the portrait done in time, despite spending over 80 hours on it. I really enjoyed working on this portrait. The massive amount of curls in her hair were a definite challenge. (smile).

This portrait had to travel from Ontario (where I am) to British Columbia (where Yvonne is). This was a challenge in packaging as Robert wanted it fully framed. The portrait was packaged in a heck of a lot of bubble wrap and then into a box. The glass still managed to arrive cracked. I have since been told by friends who ship a lot of framed work that I should have put an X of drafting tape (similar to masking tape but easier to remove) across the glass. Live and learn.

We did have an awful scare when DHL courier lost the package. The package was to arrive by 9:00 am (British Columbia time) on Friday, November 7th, 2008. It did not arrive. We then thought it might arrive by Noon, then by 5:00 pm. Still nothing. DHL claimed that they had delivered the package, but Yvonne did not have it and no one in her household had signed for it.

I was sick with worry, and just plain sick at the thought the package was lost forever. I had put a lot of work into this portrait (as I do with all my artwork). The thought of it being lost just tore at my insides. It is like losing a piece of yourself.

After a restless night's sleep, I got a call from Robert early Saturday morning to say that the package was finally delivered around 11:30pm their time. Thank God!!!

I am quite pleased to hear that Yvonne and family LOVED the portrait.

I am now working on another portrait for Yvonne. This time it is of her father, Darrell.


  1. Glad your package made it. Also glad for the ability to follow you once again. It's been very long. Thank you for the compliment on my birds.

  2. What a fabulous portrait Ana. I followed the link from the comment you kindly left on my blog. I shall be back to explore more of your work. Just lovely, what I've seen so far.

  3. Many thanks for the follow - look forward to seeing more of your work and posts - the portrait is cracking ( as Wallace would say).

    Look forward to seeing more

    Steve - My Dog Ate Art

  4. Thanks, Ana, for your encouraging comments! Your work is incredible...

  5. Ana, Ana, Ana! Wow! I love your blog and your color pencil work. I LOVED the progression slide show of the portrait. I have so much to learn from your work. It is so good. (Was all that a little over the top?)

    I noticed that you became a follower of my blog. I am truly honored. Thank you. I am marking your blog for a frequent return. Thanks for visiting my little doodle world.

  6. Beautiful job on the portrait! And thank goodness it arrived in time. The curls in her hair turned out very nicely!

  7. So glad to know the package arrived! It was so wonderful...the thought of it being lost just made me sick.