Wednesday, August 31, 2011

EDM 205 - Draw a soda can

The Intruder

By Peter Gabriel

I know something about opening windows and doors
I know how to move quietly to creep across creaky wooden floors
I know where to find precious things in all your cupboards and drawers
Slipping the clippers
Slipping the clippers through the telephone wires
The sense of isolation inspires
Inspires me
I like to feel the suspense when I'm certain you know I am there
I like you lying awake, your baited breath charging the air
I like the touch and the smell of all the pretty dresses you wear
Intruders happy in the dark
Intruder come
Intruder come and leave his mark, leave his mark 

It drives me crazy that my husband and son leave the pop cans on the coffee table. I call the cans "Tin Soldiers" and often remind them to get rid of the Tin Soldiers. They know exactly what I mean.

This is called Intruder because of the one Diet Coke can in the midst of the Dr. Pepper cans. 

As the second image in the sketchbook I got a little carried away an added more detail to this drawing than I had originally intended. This image is created with coloured pencils.

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