Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Spice Storage

These are photos of my new spice storage system. It has created extra space on my counter and in my cupboard.

To make this I attached a piece of sheet metal (2"x48"x1/8") to the underside of the cupboard (I used Elmers Ultimate Glue and had it held in place for 24 hours with c-clamps... I put paper down on the counter and sink to catch drips).

Strong magnets were attached to the lids of spice jars using a hot glue gun. I wrote the spice names on address labels and pasted them on the jars.

When all was dry, the jars were attached to the underside of the cupboard with the magnets. They are easy to retrieve when needed and easy to put back when finished.

Currently there are 20 spice jars (seen here) but I have room for 7 more on this piece of metal and will be adding at least 3 more to this group.


  1. What a fantastic idea - nicely done! My cabinet is a mess full of spices, but they are different sizes and I'm not sure I'm as handy.

  2. Hi Holly,

    I got the spice jars at our dollar store (Dollarama) for 3/$1. I just filled them up from other jars or bags. I figured out that each spice jar holds 1/2 cup of content and I can purchase the spices from a bulk bin store (Bulk Barrel).

    I saw this idea on an online magazine and thought I can do that myself. It was easy and fun... except for having the cupboard doors open for over 24 hours. That drove my crazy. I wanted to shut them. LOL

    There are many ways to organize spices. You can get those narrow shelves that people use to display miniatures and hang them on one of your kitchen walls and put all the spices on those. I would have done this if I had a free wall near my cooking area.

    You can purchase magnetized spice bottles that you can put on your refrigerator or on a metal sheet attached to a wall.

    There are even in-cupboard solutions available. Do a Google search for ideas.