Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Every Day in May Challenge #21

My Little Family Cartoon drawing by © Ana Tirolese
Draw something that makes you happy.

Ink and Photoshop.

I was going to draw something to represent art or music, both of which make me happy, but then I thought what really makes me happy is my little family. I love my husband and son and they make my extremely happy, when they are not worrying or frustrating me. After drawing this I realized that I represent visual art and my husband and son represent musical art (especially my son), so I guess I did draw art and music after-all.

This is a little cartoon of our family. It does not really look like us.

Here is a photo of my husband and I from the weekend. We went to Chapters and then to Starbucks for our "date". He had a strawberry and cream smoothie and I had a double chocolate chip frappacino. 

Anthony, Photo by ©Ana Tirolese

Ana photo by © Anthony Tirolese

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