Friday, May 4, 2012

Every Day in May Challenge #3 - My Last Nerve

My Last Nerve drawing by ©Ana Tirolese
Free Choice - draw anything you like.
My Last Nerve

Today we were to draw whatever we wished, and I drew the symbol I use to let my family know they are getting on my last nerve.  When I do this with my hand, they know it is time to take it back a notch. 

When my son was little, I would do this, and he would stick my pinky in his mouth. I would then tell him he should not have done that because I just scratched my bum with that pinky. He would go into fake convulsions. It was a game we played.

This image is in homage to the large, faceless corporations that have lousy customer service departments. I have spent hours, over the last few weeks, today included, on the phone with a particular "service provider" that has been giving me less than stellar service. There is an issue at play that is spiraling out of control because with large corporations the right hand does not know what the left hand is doing. Each time you call in you get a different person, you have to start from the beginning, you have to hope the last person left good notes on your account, and you hope that nothing else is going to get messed up even worse.


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