Saturday, May 5, 2012

Every Day May Challenge # 4 - Draw a Present

HP Touchpad gift from my son, drawing by ©Ana Tirolese
Draw a Present

This image is pen & ink, and watercolour. I also used Derwent Inktense pencils with water.

My son gave me this HP Touchpad for Christmas. It is a really cool gadget. It allows me to go on the internet so I use it in the kitchen to view my recipes to cook from. It saves trees by not printing out the recipes.

I use it to read email, surf the web, play games, watch movies, read books, draw and colour, and view photos. It is a very versatile gadget and I really enjoy playing with it.

Oh, and if I have to meet a client, I can use it show them the work I am doing (as long as there is WiFi).

I have a photo of my son as my wallpaper. My son is laughing at how scary and demented I made him look in my drawing.

The HP Touchpad is one of my favourite gadgets that my son has given me, along with my iPod Touch and my iPhone... However, this is my least favourite rendering for the Every Day in May Challenge.

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