Thursday, June 7, 2012

Every Day in June #7 - A Fire Hydrant

Fire Hydrant drawing by © Ana Tirolese
Draw a fire hydrant and write about firemen

Pen and Ink with Watercolour

This an older version of a fire hydrant. The newer ones are more sleek looking, but don't have nearly the personality these older ones have.

Firefighters (historically firemen) are rescuers extensively trained primarily to extinguish hazardous fires that threaten civilian populations and property, and to rescue people from dangerous incidents, such as collapsed and burning buildings. ~ Wikipedia

Below is the pencil under-drawing I did to get the shape before adding the ink. Sometimes I do pencil under-drawings when I need to work the shapes first. I thought it might be fun to show it since most people don't usually see this step.

Fire Hydrant drawing by © Ana Tirolese
My original pencil under-drawing.
Photo taken with iPhone
Fire Hydrant photo by © Ana Tirolese
I took this photo of a hydrant in downtown London, ON.
It is in front of our friends' comic book & gaming shop: LA Mood.
Photo taken with iPhone

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