Sunday, June 3, 2012

My 50th Birthday Celebration

Ana/Anthony Portrait drawing by © Ana Tirolese

Portrait cartoons of the people who attended Ana's 50th birthday celebration. Drawings by by © Ana Tirolese

This year I celebrated my 50th birthday (on February 19). The evening before we had a small celebration at Ben Thanh Restaurant with 28 of my friends and family. It was lovely!

Above is a quick sketch of the guests.

The first sketch is of me and Anthony, my husband.

The next sketch is:

Page 1 top to bottom, left to right:

  • Liduina Bettencourt, my mother
  • Joe Bettencourt, my brother
  • Brenda Bettencourt, Joe's wife
  • Krystina Bettencourt, my niece (Mylo's daughter)
  • Michael Wayner-Bettencourt, Krystina's son
  • Makaela Wayner-Bettencourt, Krystina's daughter
  • David Bettencourt, Joe's son
  • Jessie Mizzie, David's date
  • Alexia Covacich, dear friend
  • Linda Wilkinson, dear friend
  • Kurt Howlett, dear friend
  • Bob Brosius, Kurt's husband

Page 2 top to bottom, left to right:

  • Sherry Power, dear friend
  • Jeff Power, Sherry's huband
  • Linda Zimmerman, dear friend
  • Ken Voege, Rebekah's husband
  • Rebekah Voege, dear friend
  • Walter Zimmerman, Linda's huband
  • Lottie Scott, dear friend
  • Clifford, Rosita's husband
  • Rosita Marques, dear friend
  • Barb Ward, dear friend
  • Joyce Torby, dear friend
  • David Torby, Joyce's huband
  • Dave Ward, Barb's husband
  • Paul Estabrook, Dianne's huband
  • Dianne Estabrook, dear friend

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