Friday, June 1, 2012

Every Day in May Challenge # 31

An Empty Mind drawing by © Ana Tirolese
Draw what you’re afraid of. Write about it, if you dare.

Ink and Watercolour

In reality, there is very little I am afraid of. What I am truly afraid of, I will not admit publicly. However, I will admit this minor fear... I am afraid of losing my mind.

It is very frightening to know that your mind is going. I have watched three people in my life suffer from dementia. Eventually, they lose their memories to the point that they no longer know that they have lost their memories. Then, it is just difficult on the surviving family members. However, when they are still somewhat lucid it becomes very stressful and frustrating for the person losing his/her mind.

I hope this never happens to me.

Some other minor fears I have:
  • something bad happening to any of my family members or friends
  • losing my eyesight, completely (it is already going)
  • losing my ability to create art

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