Saturday, August 4, 2012

TSP2013 - Swish and Swipe

Swish and Swipe bathroom cleaning. Watercolour with Ink. By Ana Tirolese ©2012
Swish and Swipe - Bathroom Cleaning
Pen and Ink with Watercolour

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Here you see me using my lovely purple cleaning cloth. I have several of these and they work like magic. You don't need any chemicals to make them work, just a little water. You can use them with Windex or soap if you wish. I mostly just use them with water.

The purple cleaning cloths are amazing. I have cut back, significantly, on paper towels since I got these. I have two cloths in each bathroom, plus two in the kitchen. I carry one in my purse, and I have one in the car.

It takes me less than 3 minutes to Swish and Swipe my bathroom. I do a quick swipe of the toilet with a toilet brush in the bowl and a disinfecting wipe on the rest of it. Then, the sink and counter get a quick wipe down with my purple cloth. I usually give the mirror a quick wipe too. I make sure the sink and counter are dried each time, with the purple cloth, after use. This keeps the bathroom looking sparkly clean all the time and it takes hardly any time at all to maintain. Once a week I wipe down the bottles and knickknacks kept in the bathroom, as well as clean the shower/bathtub. However, these are also wiped down after each use so it really is a very quick job.

Honestly, it takes more time to write about it than it does to do it.

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