Thursday, August 16, 2012

TSP2013 - Take Out the Trash

Trash bags, Watercolour and Ink by Ana Tirolese ©2012
Throw out the Trash
Watercolour and Ink
The Sketchbook Project Logo, Property of Art House Co-Op: out the trash is not a metaphor for anything. This is literally taking out the trash and dropping it in the trash chute down the hall. I do a quick run around the apartment and see if any of the trash bins are full. I empty any that are and take it down the hall to drop down the chute.

We try to be environmentally conscious and not create a lot of trash. Therefore, this task does not happen every day (I do check every day, but don't necessarily have to take anything to the trash chute). I reuse what I can and collect things for the recycle bin (which I take downstairs, to the large bins in the back, as needed). We don't have a composting program in our building and my husband is not keen on the idea of vermiculture.   We don't garden nor have the space for gardening. 

The pink trash bags that I have pictured is what I use when I run out of plastic shopping bags. The building has a rule that all trash must be bagged before being sent down the chute. When I shop I use reusable cloth totes but now and again I'll get the plastic bags when I run out of them for trash.  I have these pink, as well as purple, trash bags that I get at Dollarama, for when I run out of shopping bags. The pink ones have a rose fragrance and the purple ones smell like lavender. I actually use the purple ones in the our bathroom all the time because they look pretty and smell nice. 

At 5¢ a grocery bag in the grocery store you get 20 for a dollar. Since these will only end up being thrown out, I really don't want to spend a lot of money on them. Most of the grocery bags do get reused several times before finally ending up as trash bags.

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